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We run All India Home Based Test Series for AIPMT

AIPMT - All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test is conducted for  admissions in MBBS and BDS .AIPMT is some what different type of Exam than that of board exams.It is beneficial to start preparation today only .Test Series is one of the best preparation tools in competitive exams

Hence we are running a test series for AIPMT since 2012. Ours is a all India home based test series

We have made this test series available for AIPMT 2014,AIPMT 2015 and for AIPMT 2016.We are having three types of test series for both 11th and 12th Sci students...... Read Details .

We send test papers by SpeedPost  .You can solve it at home at your suitable timings after revision.Answer key will be sealed in a separate envelope.Hints for highly difficult questions are given

You can check answers on your own or if you want you can send answer 

sheet to us by email or SpeedPost for assessment,feedback etc.


  • Test Papers are in a increasing difficulty level .
  • Answer keys are sealed in separate envelope.
  • Hints for highly difficult questions are given*( For Full Syllabus    Tests only)
  • Explanation of  answers is not given so as to motivate students to search answers of maximum questions through text books which helps to improve their understanding leveland preparation level.
  • Students can get idea about important topics from this test series.
  • Students can solve same test paper againand again for better output.
  • Test papers are dispatched by Speed Post.
  • Students from all over India can join this test series.


Importance of Test Series

AIPMT is based on a syllabus with selective topics from both 11th and 12th std. Students should get familiar with this syllabus pattern as early as possible.This test series will help you to get familiar with this syllabus pattern .


This Test Series will help you to improve testing skills,understanding exam technique through solving test papers regularly.It also gives idea about important topics.


You can solve it at home after proper revision.Thus Test Series will motivate students for self study,multiple revisions and practice for AIPMTThus through revisions you can improve understanding,develop insight about concepts,which in turn can help in improving performance.


In AIPMT exam you have to solve 180 questions in 3hrs. That means one question in just one minute.In this one minute you have to read and understand question ,options etc and then you have to mark answer in OMR sheet.It needs a lot of and continuous practice to become familiar and habitual with this pattern.This Home Based Test Series will help you to improve your speed.


When To Join

You can join this test series any time but  joining one week prior to AIPMT Exam will not be much beneficial.So join now and start preparation for better result.


Nature of NEET Plus Test Series

We are having one Test Seriesfor

AIPMT-2014 and four types of test series for AIPMT/NEET-2015, AIPMT/NEET-2016 and One was for NEET2013. Each test series is with some what different nature and differentduration ..........Read Details

Test Paper and answer key  of each test paper will be sent by Speed Post every month at specific date.

You can solve tests as per your suitable timings after revision.



  • Basic Test SeriesFor AIPMT 2014
  • Basic (Quick) Test Series For AIPMT 2015
  • Basic Test Series For AIPMT 2015
  • Advanced Test series for AIPMT 2015
  • Unit wise Test Series For AIPMT 2015
  • Unit wise Test Series For AIPMT 2016
  • Revision Seriesfor AIPMT/NEET 2016

NEET Plus Test Series

    For Better Performance in AIPMT since 2012


1.For result & other information about  NEET Exam, notices,changesetc.please visit website -

2.For information about AIPMT visit

  • Students From All over India Can Join This Test Series !

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NEET Plus Test Series  is a All

India Home Based Test Series For AIPMT by Prof.Joshi,Pune.             

                                                  Since 2012

Congratulations to all our successful students in NEET-2013!

Exam Info Booklet*

  Exam Info Booklet* containinginformation about

  six medical entrance exams ( exam pattern etc.)

  is  FREE with all our Test series.


 NOTE : AIPMT will be held on 4th May  2014.Nature and syllabus of AIPMT will be 

 same as that of NEET.There will be only

 one paper of 180 Questions.

 For Form filling process visit AIPMT website.

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